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Balston Custom Designed Membrane Nirtogen Systems客户定制膜分离制氮系统


Balston Custom Designed Membrane Nirtogen Systems

Parker offers custom packaged membrane nitrogen generation systems such as large trailer-mounted or containerized systems. These systems can be designed for low pressure feed air sources, giving the user the option of utilizing plant air or conventional single-stage compressors. Specific design features to accommodate hazardous environment installations, extreme weather conditions, redundancy considerations, and unique application requirements are available.


  • Underbalanced drilling

  • High flow pipeline pigging/purging/inerting

  • Pressure maintenance for depleted reservoirs

  • Gas lift operations, onshore or offshore

  • Work over applications with coiled tubing units

  • LNG/chemical tanker systems

  • Portable gas lift systems

  • Offshore utility nitrogen

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